Monday, 23 March 2015


The fashion
What we are wearing?

There are different fashion in village and cities. People wear dresses according to their community. People also wear dresses according to their region. There is different fashion in desert because people wear dresses according to their hot weather. Same as in Europe weather is preferred in fashion. Because people have to save them from cold. In normal climate, people use light dresses. In summer, people use half sleeves shirt.In different occasion, like in wedding. People specially girls and women’s wear bright shades shimmery and fancy dresses. People want to look modern. So fashion changes day by day. Except of dresses there are also fashion trends of shoes, bags, jewellery, makeup and hair styles. In choosing shoes. We should preferred comfortable shoes. We should not adopt such fashion which irritates us. People wear their dresses according to religion. Like in Saudia, Pakistan. In Pakistan girls use simple dopatta and shalwar,qameez. Like in Indian girls wear blouse and sarees. In Europe women wear short skirt and shirts.