Sunday, 5 April 2015


Fashion stylist plays an important role in setting
trends. Their role becomes more vital when it comes to celebrities. Rather than following mainstream fashion blindly. Fashion stylist gained much popularity in recent years as compared to previous eras. Most of the people belonging to showbiz  industry used to have their personal fashion stylist.

They gained much popularity in recent years as compared to previous eras. Most of the people belonging to showbiz industry used to have their personal fashion stylist or adviser who chooses style by keeping in view one’s height, weight and facial features. Fashion stylist and their role can be clearly seen in high profile personalities, their pictures without having a stylist and remarkable change after having a stylist is very much visible.
Becoming a professional stylist is not that easy to meet today’s competitive world and meet fashion demands and satisfying customer’s need is a hard nut to crack.

There are several institutions that offer special courses related to fashion and styling and in order to become a stylist one needs to have a basic knowledge of fashion ideas, Fashion statements and individual fashion styles are also a result of fashion stylist’s efforts. Fashion stylists are required in almost every field, it’s not a category that belongs to showbiz only although its origin remains there.

Fashion stylist games are also there, any new emerging talent can practice over there too if one is having less resources. From this importance of fashion stylist becomes more clear that even children play games that serves their interest of dressing up someone, giving them hair cut and make over.
As we know that this is a modern age and everyone wants to have a look at some new, and modern and stylish clothing. Because there is much competition in this era. This is most popular, mind blowing profession prevailing in this world.
It is about clothing and all its accessories which are concerned to it. Now, it should be published and we should select the public editorial feature, some sort of music, videos etc. for its advertisement.
This is actually a very big task and only one and two person cannot handle it. So, we should have a fashion designing team for this purpose. It includes a technical photographer, cameraman, and these all things are assigned to a big client.

For fashion stylist clothes and all its accessories can be borrowed on purchased directly by the manager. In some cases of any damage to clothes and its accessories, the clients want the debit cards and personal deposit, for their fine.
The stylist can perform on tasks Fashion media.
·         TV personalities.
·         Film and TV characters.
·         Fashion paradise and its events.
·         Photo shoots.
·         Attracts the attention of years.

To be a successful personal stylist, what things a designer should have in his mind?

A designer should know about the latest fashion and clothing line at different departments and store. He must know that how a dress looks on the hanger and the model’s body and should learn to tackle with the shapes Fashion magazine.
And fighting of different items of clothing.